Better and fairer waste management

We want a Brisbane where everyone has the opportunity to easily and cheaply reduce their waste and live sustainably.

Dump vouchers are currently difficult or impossible to obtain for renters in Brisbane. A huge amount of Brisbane's current landfill is compostable waste and we need simple solutions to deal with this growing problem. The Greens have solutions to these problems:


Brisbane residents want to play their part in reducing their waste and living sustainably, but the major drivers of waste generation are outside of the control of everyday people. In Brisbane, 40% of waste in our general bins is compostable, yet ends up in landfill. Presently, Council gives renters less rights than landowners to remove waste, despite an increasingly volatile housing market forcing so many of us out of home ownership.

The Greens would make waste management in Brisbane fairer with simple, concrete changes to help all residents reduce and manage their waste:

  1. Allocate dump vouchers to residents, not landlords.
  2. Give everyone in Brisbane access to a green waste bin for free.

After all, it is usually left to residents to maintain the property, even if they are renting, and being able to remove rubbish fairly and easily will benefit everyone.

Our food is produced with more and more packaging and the low quality of affordable furniture and household goods means shorter lifespans and more items needing to be disposed of. More of us are living in apartments and rental accommodation, which makes it harder to compost. Reducing packaging and improving recycling are essential strategies to handle much of our waste, but a large proportion consists of “green waste” — organic material such as food scraps and other biodegradable materials like grass clippings.

The current green waste bin services provided by BCC are only available to those who can afford to pay and are not directly available to tenants. Many renters are given the responsibility for keeping a garden tidy, and are penalised if they don’t, yet they do not have direct access to green waste bins and are forced to direct mulchable, useful material to general landfill.

The benefits of the Greens plan include:

  • Renters able to dispose of larger items more easily (and for free)
  • Much less organic waste going to landfill
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Long term cost savings

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