Free off peak public transport

It would be amazing to see how free off-peak buses, citycats and ferries for everyone would change the way you commute around Brisbane.

Buses, ferries and CityCats are currently free in the off-peak hours to seniors, but imagine extending this plan to all public transport users.

Considering the amount of money our current Brisbane City Council spends on road widening projects that don't actually address the real issues with traffic congestion, it's important that we start prioritising some transformative measures that get more people wanting to use public transport. Re-prioritising some of that unproductive spend into making public transport more available to all residents would get more people off the road - an outcome with economic, social and environmental benefits.

The Greens are working towards a city where everyone can afford to get where they need to without getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, or having to wait ages for a bus that never shows up.

We want a world-class transport system where the majority of trips are made by active and public transport rather than private motor vehicles, and where catching public transport is a pleasure rather than a hassle.

Our call for free off-peak buses, citycats and ferries is a transformative step to make Brisbane truly a city for all of us.

Read about our announcement here.