Positive change



We know the Paddington Ward includes some of the best parts of Brisbane. But we can do so much better.

I know that the wellbeing of our communities is at the very heart of our home here in Brisbane.

Enabling transparent public consultation and facilitating community decision making is key to the positive change we need.

Together, we can build inclusive and sustainable neighbourhoods into the future.

Donna Burns, Greens Candidate for Paddington, 2020.


  Return decision making to the community by giving residents a democratic vote on Neighbourhood Plans.
  Stimulate creative and vibrant retail districts and reduce the number of empty business spaces across Paddington Ward.
  Protect our communities, bushland and wildlife by declaring a climate emergency and initiating measures in Brisbane to deal with the climate crisis.
  Resource a more effective waste management and recycling plan for Brisbane City Council.
  Improve access to bikeways, walkways and public transport to reduce traffic congestion and make our community better connected.
  Safeguard Victoria Park redevelopment from corporate interests and ensure it is driven by public consultation and decision making.