Revitalise retail districts

Milton empty retail

We need to revitalize our local business strips and encourage more people into these areas to help sustain and build local businesses.

Walking along Park Road, Milton (150 metre strip) it is incredible to see how many vacant shop/business spaces there are. It's the same story in other parts of our Ward, like Latrobe and Given Terraces in Paddington. We believe every Brisbane suburb should have a thriving local shopping strip. Unfortunately, the reality is that Brisbane is full of empty shops which all represent missed opportunities for the people of Brisbane. 

Our community is consistently telling us that rents are too high, public transport isn't as accessible or practical as it needs to be and the infrastructure for active transport options are limited.

Back in November we held a community forum on small business in Paddington. I was absolutely blown away by the great ideas from local residents and business owners on how we can rebuild our local economy and support small business. You can watch a summary in this video. If you couldn't make it to the forum, let me know your ideas.

Together, with our community, the Greens are committed to creating vibrant, inclusive and sustainable neighbourhoods for all of us. That's why we're proposing some game changing initiatives this Council election, like free off-peak public transport and 1000 new safe pedestrian crossings to help people more easily and safely access our local shopping strips; doubling funding for community festivals to enliven our suburbs; a vacancy levy on empty properties that are deliberately kept vacant by wealthy, greedy property owners; and increasing developers' infrastructure charges to ensure our suburbs have the infrastructure we need to keep pace with development.

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