Community consultation on Victoria Park redevelopment

Victoria Park Golf Course is slated for redevelopment. Let's keep community at the heart of decision making around this amazing space in the inner city.

City living means we have to plan and protect our green spaces.

People living in cities, especially as they grow and densify, need outdoor spaces that they enjoy.

Since 2016, Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri has been calling for Council to make Victoria Park Golf Course a public park accessible to all residents. Years of petitions and campaigning from The Greens have paid off and Victoria Park is going to be turned into public space.

But it's critical that the process is community-driven and not taken over by private profit-making interests.

The redevelopment of this space should:

  • Be driven by genuine community consultation
  • Be accessible by public and active transport to minimise impacts on local residents
  • Draw on and capture First Nations culture and stories after meaningful consultation
  • Reject the 'concrete jungle' approach like like King George Square
  • Use cutting edge technology and ecology for sustainable design fit for the changing climate

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