Get involved to help win Paddington Ward for the Greens in March 2020

Our campaign to bring positive change to Paddington ward is powering along!

In just 4 months we’ve knocked on over 2000 doors, had hundreds of conversations with locals, hosted loads of events and announced some truly transformative initiatives.

After a bit of downtime with friends and family over the Christmas break, we will be full steam ahead in January.

We only need to change around 1000 votes to turn Paddington green, and we do that by having conversations at the door, out in the community. We can win this but we need as many wonderful, passionate people as possible to join the team and hit the streets!

So please join us for an info session and workshop where you’ll learn all the many different ways you can contribute to a winning campaign, including everything from behind-the-scenes tasks, to helping at community events, and working on Election Day.

We will also skill you up on how to have conversations that will help you connect with people, build empathy and swing votes.

Our team of experienced campaigners will be on hand to answer your questions and guide you through the session.

Let’s win Paddington!

Gabor Vasarhelyi Andrew and Christine Galbraith Bailey McCahon Cecily Greaves Mary Mannison Ben Messenger Lesley Dalyell Gemmia Burden Greig Ewart Mary Mcweeney Elise Roberts Stefan Gimenez Diana Glynn Sean Womersley Jacob Ball Annie O'Moon-Browning Kathy Reid Paul Witzerman Reece Webster Vanessa Loh Peter Axelrod Don Sinnamon Mark Taylor Tim Malone Craig Mason

Will you come?